Make Money "Watching" Videos

If you have an extra PC, Laptop, Smart TV that you are not using, start earning money with this! You don't have to watch all the videos, as long as the videos are running you will collect points which can be exchanged for Money or BitCoin!

It's simple to withdraw it via PayPal or directly to your BitCoin Wallet!

Start Today!

3 Simple Steps!

  1. Watch unlimited videos and earn points for every few ads you see.
  2. Leave it open and earn all day while you do other stuff!
  3. Every 3 or 4 ads you watch it will transfer here.

How to Maximize your Earnings with this!

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We hope you enjoy our free service. We are working hard everyday to improve it and bring in new content.

First off the don'ts… surefire ways to earn absolutely nothing with this

  • Automatically skip the content, this is meant to be used like television. Skip the content you don't like but don't go beyond that
  • Use an autorefresher, once upon a time, this couldn't run as long and so autorefreshers were used to watch longer. They are no longer necessary and in at least 4 ways hurt your earnings.
  • Run any sort of script. We work round the clock to make this work better and add more content. Running scripts will get you banned though
  • Watch it on more than 1 screen per device and more than 3 devices total per household. We understand you like to put it on Smart TVs so you can watch around the house, but currently we can only stream to 3 devices per household at a time
  • Do anything else meant to game it

In general, don’t be uncool… it’s free.


  • Look around and try out new channels
  • Watch this all the time: watch it at home, at work, church and during your kids’ sports events (well maybe not those last two)
  • Skip the videos you don’t like
  • During spring cleaning turn it on in the garage, kitchen, and laundry room so you don’t miss anything
  • Maximize your screen size and turn up the volume to get more ads
  • Let us know what content you would like to see

Tell your friends, the more you support us the more content and new features we can add

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