Intro to this mini-course

This is an Introduction to a mini-course a friend of mine created and it has a lot of very good content. He actually sells this course, but I got permission to share it with all our members in this group (For Free!)

I'm going to partner with him and other online course creators and launch one (1) product a month in 2018. That's the plan and if you are interested in being a part of this course creation project, we could open this project up to the community and work on it together. We have not decided on the details yet, but if this is something you are interested in, let us know or Private Message Daniel.

For the rest of us... Enjoy this course, take lots of notes and let us know what you have learnt from this mini course and what actions you have taken!

Our goal is to change your life, and we hope this mini-course, as well as everything else we have been sharing with you in this online course has been a blessing and able to help you move forward with your online and offline business & life!

Note: At the time of posting this: We will post new videos every few days. There is a total of 10 videos.

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