Dear Members of our International Entrepreneurs Group,

Please read our group rules below so that we can maximize the learning at our "MemberClouds International Entrepreneurs" (MCIE) Group.

1. Please avoid messages related to religion, jokes, meme, taboos, politics and negative topics, subjects and comments.

2. Any personal comments, self promotion of yourself or your brand /business / Products / Services & Personal Photos are strictly prohibited.

3. For any specific replies to messages which are more suitable for individuals in a private chat, kindly use private / direct messages, please.

4. Discussion here should be related to MCIE only, within reason and context.

5. Do not publicly share job opportunities, training materials without first getting the Admins' permission. (The best place to share it, after obtaining our blessings) would be in our slack channel, instead of WhatsApp.)

6. Self promotional messages are allowed. If you need clarification, please contact the administrators.

7. Try to NOT send multiple messages in a short span of time. (One after another, in a matter or seconds). Try to type all you like to say befor hitting send. This will cut down the total amount of messages, notifications and phone buzzing.

8. Do not post links to other groups or websites

Remember, we are in this together and are responsible to act professionally and not abuse the use of our WhatsApp group. Please only use this international Entrepreneurs WhatsApp group for educational purposes and mutual benefitual ways.

Violating these rules will result in individuals being removed and banned from the group.

Depending on the severity, bans may be temporarily or permanent.

For any clarification please contact the MCIE admins: Johnathan and Daniel

Quick recap, ...Remember:

* Professional courtesy while conversing
* No promotion of brands or service till the time is right OR approval from Admins
* No Spam / No Spamming
* No Videos / gifs
* No Memes
* No Forwards
* No Religious or Political shares.
* No Taboos.

** This is the first draft, we will update this as we go along. Each new version will be backwards inclusive, which means new rules should not be understood to render previous rules as null and void. We want to keep the rules simple and want this group to be a safe place. Don't worry about getting banned without notice, you will get a warning and action will be taken only if you continue to ignore our warnings.

Thank you!

Any questions?

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